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First sitting behind a radio station broadcast board at age 12, W. A. Boyer's dream of an Adult Oriented Rock radio station heard and carried on radio stations around the world has finally come to fruition.


XM(FM) is the flagship station of the Q-Rock Broadcasting Network playing Classic Album Oriented Rock, Adult Contemporary and Blues Rock hailing from the ocean waters of Tampa Bay, Florida. XM(FM) is the pirate station your mother warned you about! 


We are sad to announce that due to the rampant bleeding of cash and other restrictions by music labels, we can no longer support digital online music or radio. There is a search going on now in the broadcasting industry for legal ways around this idiotic legal ruling, and when we find one, we'll reactivate the link to Q-Rock here again.






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  • Coaching by WABoyer Nets Client Into Miller-Coors Business Plan Competition Semi-Finals!

  • W. A. Boyer Secures New Client Funding - Again.
  • W. A. Boyer Chosen as Writer and Consultant for GrantGopher.
  • W. A. Boyer awarded Consultancy for Federal Health Care Innovation grants worth Millions.
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