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You may not realize it, but chances are strong you have read his work on several national and international medical or legal websites.

W. A. Boyer is a refined and polished author, an experienced private and federal government Grant Writer, and published medical author on select diseases. He has written medical textbooks currently used in high schools and colleges around the US.

Mr. Boyer is a published poet; winner of the World of Poetry Society Honorable Mention, Golden Poet Award and the Silver Poet Award. W. A. Boyer has been published in newspapers, advertising journals, and periodicals. He is achieving notoriety for his internationally read and used book on Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, setting the first true medical and nursing standard of care for this condition.

W. A. Boyer is an Editorial writer for The National Free Press International Edition, as well as a Health and Wellness, Science, and Editorial writer for the Yahoo! Network.

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Watch for the following new releases by W. A. Boyer:

  • Three of the Others: A book dealing with the realities of the paranormal;
  • God Shaped Hole: A controversial look at the myth of religion and how it has shaped our lives in modern day;
  • Real Men eat Onions: A distrubing look at the true dark-side of real life.

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  • W. A. Boyer awarded Consultancy for Federal Health Care Innovation grants worth Millions.
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