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06/30/2015: Coaching by WABoyer Nets new Clients Into Miller-Coors Business Plan Competition Semi-Finals:


In-depth coaching and following his suggestions, WABoyer has successfully propelled two clients into the semi- final judging round for the MUES competition for up to $250,000.00 to start a business! The MUES award competition is a highly competitive business plan and organizational competition for new business startups and awards over $300,000.00 to deserving people to start or expand their own business.

04/11/2015  WABoyer Secures New Funding for Business:

It took a few months of filling out applications and talking to tons of people, but together and following WABoyer's teachings, a new store has received offers worth hundreds of thousands of dollars in funding.


"I'm so excited!", says the client, whose name is being withheld by request. "It's like anything else in life. The results you experience equal the effort you put into the project."


If you're willing to put forth the effort, WABoyer can assist you in realizing your dream.


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2/01/12  WA Boyer chosen as writer and consultant for GrantGopher.


GrantGopher is a pure not for profit funding vehicle and has now become a staple of the 501 C 3 funding  community.


"I'm honored GrantGopher approached me.", says WABoyer. "GrantGopher is one of the top five most respected resources in the 501 C 3 funding world."

12/30/11 WABoyer Awarded Multiple Federal Health Care Initiate Consultancies


In a consternating federal effort to reduce health care costs, WABoyer was awarded multiple consultancies worth millions of dollars in the effort to make public health care more affordable.


Successfully working with physicians and medical groups in the states of Texas and California, WABoyer successfully applied in advocacy of these organizations.


If you have a health care organization seeking funding, remember the federal 2012 Health Care Innovation Grant application cycle will begin later this year. Now is the time to get started on this extensive application.


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  • Coaching by WABoyer Nets Client Into Miller-Coors Business Plan Competition Semi-Finals!

  • W. A. Boyer Secures New Client Funding - Again for $1,000,000.00.
  • W. A. Boyer Chosen as Writer and Consultant for GrantGopher.
  • W. A. Boyer awarded Consultancy for Federal Health Care Innovation grants worth Millions.
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