There are millions of dollars awarded each year in small business grants - grants you may easily qualify for. The money is out there like never before, and locating the grants to apply for is what stops most people cold...that's where I come in!

I specialize in small business, for-profit funding. I have helped many clients get small business grants over the last few decades totaling in the millions of dollars, and if they can do it, you can do it too! It's locating viable small business and federal grants that's the hard part - and I do that for you and send them to you in a monthly newsletter!


You get 12 months of the Small Business Grant Newsletter for a fraction of what you would pay a professional researcher! The money is out there like never before especially in CIVID relief, and locating the grants to apply for is what stops most people cold.


I take the researching angle out of the equation and send the opportunities straight to you in a monthly newsletter in your email. The price for 12 monthly issues is only $39.99 annually, non-refundable. Simply use the PayPal sign up form below to get your subscription started! A viable, working email address is required to take advantage of this offer.


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  • Coaching by WABoyer Nets Client Into Miller-Coors Business Plan Competition Semi-Finals!

  • W. A. Boyer Secures New Client Funding - Again for $1,000,000.00.
  • W. A. Boyer Chosen as Writer and Consultant for GrantGopher.
  • W. A. Boyer awarded Consultancy for Federal Health Care Innovation grants worth Millions.
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